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July 3, 2021

Adventures with La Spiga Part III

In Episode 5 we conclude with Part III of Adventures with La Spiga. We welcome Executive Chef Sabrina Tinsley from La Spiga. She tells the other side of the story how Pietro and Sabrina fell in love. Then she will takes us on a whirlwind adventure that begins in Alaska, and eventually leads us through Europe and back to Seattle, Washington. This is where she built a life with Pietro, and opened one of the best Italian Restaurants in Seattle. This is a three-part series that immerses you into their whole story about the romance, food, and a passion of bringing authentic Italian cuisine from Italy to Seattle, WA. 

Visit La Spiga here: https://www.laspiga.com/
Visit Voice4Chefs here: https://www.biggerideas.com/connectingexperiences/

Sabrina Tinsley

Executive Chef La Spiga