Feb. 18, 2023

Cooks Who Care Break The Ice Nights with Maria Campbell

Voice4Chefs Chef Checkin Mini Series:

Chef Maria is Introducing the Break the Ice Dinner Series: community-wide events to support mental health in our Food & Beverage community. We know it isn’t easy to talk about mental health. We want to make it easier. That’s why we’ve invited some of our favorite Philly-area establishments to host events where we can really talk about the issues our friends & family are facing. These dinners will be a chance to support spots that care about mental health, while helping to grow our Community Fund to support food service workers.

Each event is unique. Follow Cooks Who Care and the individual spots you are interested in visiting to stay up-to-date on event info.

Here’s the schedule so far:

2/17 - 2/20 - Pocono Organics

 Wed. 2/22 - Fork Restaurant

 Thur. 3/2 - Chestnut Hill Brewing Co.

 Thur. 3/9 - Cornerstone Bistro

 Wed. 3/22 - Sancho Pistolas

 Sat. 3/25 - Chabaa Thai Bistro w/ guest Chef & Cookbook contributor Chef Mimi Lan

Connect with Chef Maria: 

Community Cookbooksupporting Mental Health in Hospitality

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