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June 5, 2021

La Spiga Part II

In episode 4 we learn more about Pietro Borghesi, General manager and Co-Owner of La Spiga in Seattle, WA.  We open with Pietro’s side of the story how he fell in love with Executive Chef Sabrina in a Cafe in Salzburg, Austria. And how they began a life together which led them on a path to create their dream restaurant named “La Spiga”. This is a three-part series that immerses you into their whole story about the romance, food, and a passion of bringing authentic Italian cuisine from Italy to Seattle, WA. 

Visit La Spiga here: https://www.laspiga.com/
Visit Voice4Chefs here: https://www.biggerideas.com/connectingexperiences/

Pietro Borghesi

General Manager La Spiga