June 5, 2021

La Spiga Part II

In episode 4 we learn more about Pietro Borghesi, General manager and Co-Owner of La Spiga in Seattle, WA.  We open with Pietro’s side of the story how he fell in love with Executive Chef Sabrina in a Cafe in Salzburg, Austria. And how they began a life together which led them on a path to create their dream restaurant named “La Spiga”. This is a three-part series that immerses you into their whole story about the romance, food, and a passion of bringing authentic Italian cuisine from Italy to Seattle, WA. 

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Pietro BorghesiProfile Photo

Pietro Borghesi

General Manager / Co-Founder La Spiga

If you've met the exuberant Pietro, you'll understand why many say he is the "personality" and quintessential host of Osteria la Spiga. He was raised in Cesena, in the beautiful Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, which endowed him with a deep love and appreciation for authentic, high quality Italian food and wine. His upbringing, coupled with his experience in the Italian food industry, has been a vital part of la Spiga’s success. When Pietro isn't doting on guests, he can be found assisting Chef Sabrina (his wife and co-founder) with prep work in the kitchen and proudly claims he is the “official taster” for the restaurant.