Nov. 20, 2022

Walking uphill with Chef Maria Campbell and Cooks Who Care

This is a special edition recorded  live on Clubhouse in The Food is Religion Room.  In this episode you will meet Chef Maria Campbell the founder of Cooks Who Care and find out why she is so driven to help others. Follow along on her journey through her life and the pandemic. Learn about her important mission and this creative community cookbook Entertaining for Mental Health and the movement she has created. 

A little bit about her non profit.  Cooks Who Care (CWC) is an organization dedicated to supporting the health & well-being of people working in the Food & Beverage Industries. Based in Media, PA, CWC currently focuses their efforts on supporting food service workers in the greater Philadelphia area, with the goal of expanding nationwide. Founders Maria & Scott Campbell are chefs by trade & tireless advocates for raising awareness about the mental health challenges specific to their industry peers.

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