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Holly Verbeck

CEO Hey Chef

Most chefs dream of owning their own business but know more about cooking than how to start. Holly specializes in helping chefs start their own personal and private chef businesses. No one's more passionate or committed to chefs who want to call their own shots, get paid what they're worth, and change people's lives with the food they cook.

Today she still runs HeyChef! Lake Tahoe's premiere culinary staffing company she and her husband, Chef Grog, founded in 1997. Over the years she's developed the back-office systems and strategies to operate their multiple six figure company which boasts a talent pool of over 50 talented culinary professionals. And she doesn't cook. With credentials and accolades in corporate training, human resources, risk management, household & estate management, and her gift for teaching chefs the profitable methods she's tested in her own company, Holly is the go-to Queen of Office Mise en Place for chef entrepreneurs across the nation.

Become a Personal Chef and Call Your Own Shots with Holly Verbeck

Jan. 1, 2022

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. Today we celebrate a new year with Voice4Chefs. Thanks to you we're now in 17 countries and cities across the US. Celebrating and honoring the chef's struggle and story. We begin this year…

Guest: Holly Verbeck