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Isi has been in the food business for over ten

years - creating recipes for dairy companies and restaurants, doing food styling and photography and selling spices online. She has recently started "Chili Asylum", an institution dedicated to marketing fresh chilies and chilli products sourced directly from Filipino farmers. Isi says she learned everything she knows about cooking from her Nanay (grandmother) who she watched cook fresh lunches and dinners everyday growing up. Isi loves cooking and serving the local, regional food she grew up eating. Isi enjoys collaborating with other chefs and food lovers in the food business to create new and delicious food.

Dec. 11, 2022

Cooking through The Philippines with Isi Laureano of Eat Matters

In this episode we travel to the Philippines and talk about the Tasting Spoon and Eat Matters with Chef Isi. She will capture your soul with hospitality and food culture. Isi has been in the food business for over ten …

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